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6 in 6 take 2?

In the fall, I set a goal of doing a half marathon each month for six months.  It all started with the Halloween Half.  I signed up for that one just to have something on the calendar and figured it would be a fun one.  It really wasn’t fun, but I was reminded of how I like a challenge and it just so happened there was one scheduled each month for the next five months, so why not?  I didn’t get to achieve that goal, but that was out of my control.  Things went down like this:

10/26/19 –  #1 – Halloween – Didn’t plan well, didn’t go great, but it inspired me to set the goal of doing 6 in 6 so that was good.   Blogged the details so won’t rehash them here.  I still made it in under 3 hours at 2:55.

11/30/19 – #2 – Orange Theory – This one made me nervous due to the time cut off.  I actually had one of my best races ever just being grateful to be able to run it.  Blogged that too.  I got a great time with 2:47.

11/08/19 – #3 – Rotary Club – I started to think that maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.  This one was literally a week after the last one and I pushed hard on that last one!  Race morning was awful!  I felt lousy, barely ate and got there almost right before the race started.  I ended up seeing my buddies from Special Compass, which was a nice bonus.  I had lots of negative thoughts try to seep in, but I did really well putting them off.  I continued to try to remember to be grateful.  It was painful, but I was able to pull out a 2:40 – my all time best!

01/26/20 – #4 – Publix A1A – This was a beautiful race and well organized.  This one was interesting because the start is at a different place than the end.  We ended up parking at the start area and taking the provided buses back to the car from the finish.  I’m not the biggest fan of Fort Lauderdale, but there’s something awesome about running while watching the sun rise  over the ocean.  I really enjoyed running this one and plan to do it again next year.  Once again, beat my record at 2:39!  Here’s where I got a little cocky.  Could I get a personal best every time?  Maybe.

02/09/20 – #5 – Miami – Maybe not.  This was a horrible race!  I don’t ever want to do it again!  There were more people than at the Disney races and it was not well organized.  I stood in the corral for over an hour waiting to start.  I had to pee so bad I couldn’t even keep a descent pace.  Finally, a little over a mile in, I got to use the restroom.  I’ll refrain from details, but let’s just say this race had so many people that they could not keep up with any kind of bathroom maintenance whatsoever.   I almost stepped right into something a human left behind in the entrance of a port o let.  I obviously had to find another, but even the cleanest was the most disgusting I had seen.  Thank goodness for my TinkleBell!  (Google it if you don’t know.  Best invention for women for races, concerts and hiking!) By the time my group got to the water stations, the floor was covered with cups and people were slipping all over the place.  It was not a great experience.  I was so over it, I admit to not trying very hard.  Time was 2:55.  I won’t be getting a personal best each time.

03/29/20 – #6 – Sunrise – This was the one I was looking forward to the most.  Right in my home town, smaller sized race and a great venue at Markham Park.  I planned to push harder than I had in any other race.  I wanted 2:30 and I was going to get it, or pass out trying!  Unfortunately it was cancelled.  I was really bummed and just so disappointed that I had come this far and had the last one pulled out from under me.  Then I put my big girl britches on, and reminded myself there are bigger problems in the world.

I got notification that, all things going well, they are considering hosting it in September.  That got me thinking….  Do I want to take a second shot at this?  If I started with Sunrise in September, I’d have to do Halloween again, and Orange Theory, and Rotary, and Publix.  I’d have to find an alternative in February, because even for a stellar goal I won’t do Miami again.  Hmmm….  maybe, just maybe the 6 in 6 will happen after all. I mean, I liked being only half crazy for a while.

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